Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to breast feed?

There are medications that are safe for breastfeeding. If this is important to you please ask your doctor for all of your options. Heart failure medication does not mean you have lose bonding time with your baby.

Will I be able to have more children?

If your heart function has recovered and your EF is at least %55, most cardiologists agree that it is safe to become pregnant again. You will be closely monitored and there are medications that are safe for pregnant women if the need arises.

Will I need a heart transplant?

Previously it was thought about 25% of women with PPCM will require cardiac transplant, but that number is now believed to be more like 4% to 7%. A heart transplant is always the last resort.

Is it possible to recover?

It is absolutely possible to make a full recovery! 90% of women recover fully, with 70% recovering in the first 12-18 mo after delivery. Even if recovery takes you a little longer, it is still possible to recover fully even after a long period of time.

Can I relapse without another pregnancy?

There is a very small 5% chance of spontaneously relapsing. The best way to safeguard yourself is to take all your prescribed medication as directed.

Is PPCM genetic?

The cause of PPCM is undetermined. There are several factors that are being considered to help identify risk factors. A family history of heart disease is currently being considered as an underlying factor.